Connecticut Siblings Create Clothing Brand That Gives Back!

Our Story

Certain moments have the ability to change us. An experience can create a shift in our brain altering the trajectory of our lives. This moment happened in June 2010 during Ironman Cour D'Alene. Halfway through the 2.4 mile swim my body started to fail me. The water was cold and choppy. I found myself seasick with muscle spasms unlike anything I've ever experienced before. With anxiety at an all time high, in my heart I knew, my first Ironman attempt would be a Did Not Finish (DNF). The words I heard while being pulled out of the water I'll never forget. "You're like a shark, you never stopped moving forward, that's something to celebrate." That DNF was not a failure. It was a humbling opportunity to propel forward.  
 That's the thing about movement. 
MOVEMENT creates Momentum, and Momentum creates MOTIVATION.
A pandemic, a motto that we've always lived by & two incredible kids who wanted to start a clothing brand that created a movement was the inspiration for Endurfins™.