Connecticut Siblings Create Clothing Brand That Gives Back!

Well, Hello! :)

Marisa Forti, (aka Risa) Founder of Endurfins, is an Endurance Junkie and a True Optimist! A 2X Ironman, Marisa lives with her husband and two children, Riley and Zoe.   As a business owner & Pez collector,   Marisa's love for endurance & her kids' love for sharks inspired her vision for Endurfins
Riley and Zoe (Junior Founders) - Two kids with  one goal; Move Forward to Make Change.  Their love for movement and zest for life was the inspiration behind all of this.
Riley - a third grader from CT who loves baseball, soccer, golf & Disney.
Zoe - a kindergartner from CT who loves dance, gymnastics, dolls & Disney.